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| It’s always about you |
-A fiduciary must act in a manner that keeps your interest and well-being first and primary.

| It’s always been that way |
-Since our RIA firm's inception in 1998 and long before that, as our Father’s CPA firm since 1949, the fiduciary model was implemented and applied.

| We Listen |
-Because each investor has a unique investment philosophy, we carefully listen, document and construct a plan for you that lets you feel comfortable in your investment selection and risk versus return ratio.

| Independent |
-As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, Milinovich & Co. is independent from any brokerage house or investment company. We do not receive any money or commissions from any company. Funds are chosen and recommended that will work in your best interest.

| Fee-based only |
-This means you see clearly how we are paid based on the assets under management held on your behalf. Please see Item 5 of the ADV for specific details. This is found on the Legal tab of our website.



| Tax Planning |
-Utilize any type of IRA, Roth or other retirement vehicles.
-Maximize your investment earnings as legally possible.
-Use of Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD’s) to help decrease a tax liability for those persons over age 70.5 using their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
-Assist clients to shelter income into other deferred accounts (SEP’s and SIMPLE’s) if possible.
-Identify and lower the Social Security Tax torpedo if possible.

| Tax Preparation |
-Complete our investment clients’ tax returns should they so choose. An additional fee is charged for this service.

| Tax Filing |
-Feeling overwhelmed by the many deadlines: Tax, IRA contributions, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s), Estate and more? Allow us to help you through this process.
-Either automatically deduct and submit taxes on any IRA distribution at the time of withdrawal, or pay quarterly estimates. The choice is yours.



| A Professional Investment Advisor is monitoring your funds |
-You will receive a separate report showing how each of your investments have performed, from the beginning of the year, showing gains in both dollars and percentage.
-In addition, you will receive recommendations to sell any underperforming funds and suggestions for more productive funds in which to invest.

| Non-discretionary |
-You always control your funds- Milinovich & Co. can’t sell or buy any funds without your approval. Recommendations will be made when we perform our reviews.

| Simple Report Format |
-These custom-made reports are written in a simple and common sense way that identifies your investments into two groups: Equity and Fixed Income.

| Semi-Annual and Quarterly Reviews |
-These reviews and ensuing reports occur semi-annually for every client (end of June and December) and quarterly for our high net-worth clients (March and September.)
-You can contact us anytime with questions or insights at no additional cost.



| Why our Firm is Holistic |
-We have been trained by our parents and lived our whole lives to look at life holistically and embrace its complexities.

| Retirement Issues|
-Retirement means different things to different people. We specialize in helping our clients transition from one job or life activity to another, or to simply retire to a leisurely lifestyle.

| Bridging |
-This is the mechanism by which funds are efficiently used to change from one career to another, using the most cost and tax efficient means.

| College Planning |
-How can clients help their children and grandchildren maximize their college funds, while being aware of FAFSA and Tax implications?

| Social Security |
-When should a client start receiving benefits?
-Can a client who receives Social Security continue to work and not be penalized?

| Medicare |
-How does Medicare work and when to start?
-What supplemental medical plan should be used?

| Legacy Planning |
-We assist our clients to insure their families will continue to benefit from their sacrifices, values and resources.

| Long View |
-Having this perspective allows our clients to hold a “long-view” in selecting quality funds that have performed well over a 3-5 year time frame.




Investment advice is a combination of listening to the client’s needs and recommending sound investment choices that will bring the client to the goal of financial security in the future.



As a “fee only” investment advisor, the compensation we receive does not affect our objectivity of the choices we might recommend for our clients.



Milinovich & Co., Inc., is non-custodial and non-discretionary, which means the assets of the clients are always under the control of the client. Changes cannot be made to the client’s portfolio without their signed permission.



Our firm also believes that constant monitoring of a fund’s performance is the best method of maximizing the client’s investment returns.



The risk reduction is further accomplished by spreading the investment choices over large and small company stocks as well as those in the U.S. and foreign markets.



Asset allocation is important to spread the risk of investing in the equity market to as many stocks as possible. Mutual funds spread the risk of investing in the first place because they invest in several different companies rather than just one company or sector.



Whether you have questions about your current investments or portfolio or just want to see what we offer, contact us to review your current mutual fund portfolio at NO COST TO YOU to see if our current recommendations are superior to your current returns.


We have the ability to choose from over 17,000 mutual funds & 2,000 exchange traded funds (ETFs) and will show you the performance of your current portfolio and then compare those to our current recommendations to review their returns and category rankings,


Milinovich & Co. uses the newest technology in analytical tools for assessing the trends in the market. Our firm can advise you on how these trends affect your investment position, your tax position, and how to meet your future financial goals.



Thomas G. Milinovich, CPA, CFP™

A CPA since 1973, and a CFP® since 1992, Tom is the Managing Tax Director and the Financial Services Director of MIlininovich & Co., Inc. He has also passed the Series 66 Exam of the NASD, National Association of Security Dealers. Tom is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs.

Chrysan Smith

Chrysan has been an accountant with the firm since 2013. Her professional and administrative skills are valued as she interacts with all our clients both at the front door and behind the scenes in many administrative capacities. Chrysan has resided in Carmichaels all of her adult life.

Michael A. Milinovich, RICP®, MDiv, PHR

A 1994 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, Mike is an ordained minister. He became certified as a Professional in Human Resources in 2012. He served as a Coordinator for Pensions and Benefits in the health care field. Mike joined the firm in January of 2015. He passed the FINRA Series 65 Exam and also earned the professional designation of Retirement Income Certified Professional ® (RICP®).


Jeffrey B. Widdup

Jeff is an Investment Advisor Representative, solicitor only, with Milinovich & Company, Inc. RIA. Jeff is employed by First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Greene County and received his MBA degree from Waynesburg College in 2006. He holds the active FINRA License Series 66 and is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor since 2002.