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Looking at things holistically and seeing the “Big Picture”

| Why our Firm is Holistic |
-We have been trained by our parents and lived our whole lives to look at life holistically and embrace its complexities.

| Retirement Issues|
-Retirement means different things to different people. We specialize in helping our clients transition from one job or life activity to another, or to simply retire to a leisurely lifestyle.

| Bridging |
-This is the mechanism by which funds are efficiently used to change from one career to another, using the most cost and tax efficient means.

| College Planning |
-How can clients help their children and grandchildren maximize their college funds, while being aware of FAFSA and Tax implications?

| Social Security |
-When should a client start receiving benefits?
-Can a client who receives Social Security continue to work and not be penalized?

| Medicare |
-How does Medicare work and when to start?
-What supplemental medical plan should be used?

| Legacy Planning |
-We assist our clients to insure their families will continue to benefit from their sacrifices, values and resources.

| Long View |
-Having this perspective allows our clients to hold a “long-view” in selecting quality funds that have performed well over a 3-5 year time frame.