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In addition to your monthly statement from TD Ameritrade...

| A Professional Investment Advisor is monitoring your funds |
-You will receive a separate report showing how each of your investments have performed, from the beginning of the year, showing gains in both dollars and percentage.
-In addition, you will receive recommendations to sell any underperforming funds and suggestions for more productive funds in which to invest.

| Non-discretionary |
-You always control your funds- Milinovich & Co. can’t sell or buy any funds without your approval. Recommendations will be made when we perform our reviews.

| Simple Report Format |
-These custom-made reports are written in a simple and common sense way that identifies your investments into two groups: Equity and Fixed Income.

| Semi-Annual and Quarterly Reviews |
-These reviews and ensuing reports occur semi-annually for every client (end of June and December) and quarterly for our high net-worth clients (March and September.)
-You can contact us anytime with questions or insights at no additional cost.